FCD PF-040 (Pins, Forward Controls, +0.040) Take Down Pins

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PF-040 (Pins, Forward Controls( (formerly known as PWA-040) is a set of elegantly simple, and superbly crafted AR15/M16 pivot and take down pins. Machined from 17-4 PH SS bar stock and QPQ finished, these pins are 0.040 longer than TDP spec pivot and take down pins.

PF-040 pins can be aptly described as “reverse extended”, in that they’re longer on the left side of the receiver, the additional length of the take down pin doesn’t interfere with ambidextrous safety operation. When PF-040 pins are pushed in from the left side, the +0.040 transforms to extra length and grasping area on the right side pin head, which combined with their silky smoothness, makes pulling the pin a cinch.

We love the elegant and unadorned pin heads design, and applaud Wiley Arms’ decision to prioritize functionality over aesthetics, it is very much in line with our own design philosophy. WPA-040 right side pin heads (when installed on a receiver, with the muzzle pointing away) are flat, with a small 45 degree chamfer. There is a small dimple on the other side of the pin head, the tip of bullets (up to 9mm) can be used to push the pins in on tight fitting receivers. For those that may not know, Wiley Arms has been producing ABC/R v2, EMR, EMR-C, EMR-A, LDFA, and 6315 flash suppressor for Forward Controls Design. Wiley Arms was producing these pins for its WAR15s (its line of precision ARs) heretofore, we are ecstatic when we learned these pins would be available outside of WAR15s. Forward Controls Design is primarily a combat weapons components design and research firm, we rely on quality, US based manufacturers to bring our designs to life. We’re very fortunate to be able to work with the awesome folks at Wiley Arms.

PF-040 can be purchased with the optional takedown/pivot detents (4) and springs (3) kit. The odd numbers of included components probably deserve some explanation. Even for experienced AR builders, it’s not uncommon to launch the pivot pin detent into space to keep orbiting satellites company. It’s also fairly easy to bend the take down pin detent spring during installation of the end plate and castle nut. So the optional detents and spring kit includes 4 detents and 3 springs to preempt losses and damages. If you don’t end up needing and using all of them at once, the kit is reasonably priced, and always good to have on hand to grow into another AR 🙂

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