SOLGW SPEC76 Lubricant | Special Purpose Endurance Coating | Sons of Liberty Gun Works

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S.P.E.C. ’76, or “Special Endurance Coating,” is a new approach to firearms lubricants, outperforming anything else on the market by a considerable margin. Developed by oil & gas industry professionals working exclusively with Sons of Liberty Gun Works, S.P.E.C. ’76 keeps guns in the fight, whether they’ve seen a high level of use, neglect, or have been sitting in a safe for extremely long periods.

Thicker than oil, S.P.E.C. ’76 stays put, adheres to metallic surfaces at a molecular level, will not evaporate, and is as frictionless as ice on ice. Not only attracted to metal, S.P.E.C. ’76 is attracted to itself, creating a boundary layer that covers microscopic metal imperfections which cause friction. In addition to being the finest firearms lubricant on the market, this boundary layer helps S.P.E.C. ’76 behave as a cleaner to keep solids out of the firearm, removing grit and grime out and away from between sliding surfaces.

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