SOLGW Ambidextrous AR-15 Safety Selector Kit | Sons Of Liberty Gunworks

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An ambidextrous safety selector is an extraordinarily handy upgrade for any rifle, and the AR-15 is no different. Sons of Liberty Gun Works ambi safety selector installs easily and securely with the included set screw to provide an identical interface on either side of the rifle. Shift your rifle to or from safe from either shoulder without having to break your grip!


  • MIL-SPEC pattern for a familiar interface
  • Identical levers for both sides of the rifle
  • Standard 90-degree throw
  • Includes set screw and hex key for installation


Sons of Liberty Gun Works is a custom rifle manufacturer in the United States that specializes on the AR-15 platform. They began producing purpose-built weapons for law enforcement and civilians alike and are given a lot of praise for focusing on the details that make an AR reliable. Function over form is what their rifles are known for and they are guaranteed to get the job done. From full rifles to individual parts, you can’t go wrong with SOLGW.

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Weight 15.9 oz
Dimensions 1 in


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