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One of the key fundamentals to an accurate shot is a good trigger squeeze. At the heart of every MARS weapon system lies one of the industries best two stage combat triggers, the LMT Defense AXLE. The AXLE is not just a trigger, but a family of trigger systems based on a patented design that blends multiple key features of a quality fire control group. Wire EDM surfaces, new sear geometry, and a revolutionary release mechanism the rotates around an “axle” rather than being fixed to the trigger body. This trigger is sure to be a staple in every precision weapon system in your inventory.

The EURO AXLE trigger features an approximate 4.5lb pull the provides a clean and precise break while still be safe to manipulate with gloved fingers or in high stress scenarios. Additionally the key feature of the EURO version is the ability to put the weapon system on safe after dry firing  or after leaving the fire control group in a “hammer up” position. This is a common feature required on many militaries around the globe and may be seen as an enhancement of the standard US Military manual of arms for weapon system operation. The EURO AXLE is also available in a full auto format.

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