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MFP-G (Magazine Floor Plate, Glock) is a replacement floor plate/base plate for Glock 9mm and .40 cal double column magazines.  Machined from solid 6061 aluminum and hard coat Type III anodized, it is available in either standard or flared versions.
MFP, G was designed and made for duty and defense applications.  Its lines and shape are dictated by the functions it was designed to perform, its looks are subtle and modest, but for the flutes on the sides and a tastefully small and hard to find Cygnus logo engraved on the bottom, it’s difficult to tell it apart from a factory Glock magazine floor plate.  There will be no red, white or blue anodized variants of MFP-G.
Most Glocks have a semi circular cutout at the rear base of the grip to enable users to manually strip the magazine from the grip/magazine well should it fail to drop free.  G17M and G19M also have the semi circular cutout in front of the base of the grip.   MFP-G improves on this built-in Glock feature by giving the magazine’s front lip a reverse angle that’s missing on factory Glock magazine floor plates, this simple and subtle change provides the user with ample surface area and positive grasping space to manually strip/pull the magazine away from the weapon by using the front and back bottom of the magazine.
Should the user choose to grasp and pull the magazine from the sides, MFP-G also provides two long and wide flutes along the sides that are essentially coarse serrations.  There’s no right or wrong way to strip and pull the magazine, MFP-G provides the user the means to do so from accessing the magazine’s front and rear, or left and right.
Two options are available: standard and flared.  MFP-G, Standard has a front lip that does not protrude beyond the front of the magazine well, while MFP-G, Flared has a front lip, or duck tail, that slightly extends forward of the magazine well, which comfortably encloses and confines the shooter’s hand where it belongs be on the grip, and offers better weapon retention as a result.  Both versions are compatible with duty magazine pouches, as they are only slightly thicker than OEM Glock magazine floor plates.
MFP-G also makes stripping the magazine from a pouch easier by providing useful and much improved, intuitive grasping surface areas lacking on factory magazines floor plates.  MFP-G was designed for LE magazine pouches compatibility, its compact size also works wonderfully well on MOLLE magazine pouches.
Length: 1.833 (MFP-G, Flared), 1.717 (MFP-G, Standard).  Glock Gen 5 factory magazine floor plate is 0.170 for reference.
Weight: 0.50oz (MFP-G, Flared), 0.47 oz (MFP-G, Standard)
Do not use MFP-G with an add-on mag well. An add-on mag well masks usable surface area in front and on the sides.  If you have an aftermarket mag well (IF it’s compatible), it will diminish the functionality and usefulness of MFP-G,.
* Compatible with Glock factory 9mm and .40 cal pistols that use double column magazines, but is NOT compatible with the G19X.
* Remove any mag well plug/tool in the magazine well, the presence of any object that covers the semi circular cutout on the back of the grip hinders the user’s ability to strip the magazine out from the front and back of the magazine floor plate.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 5 in

Flared (1.833"), Standard (1.717"


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