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RCB HX Details

The RCB family is Cobalt Kinetics solution to solve excessive side blast/ concussion out of large port brakes. Our approach was a simple one, to control the expanding gasses exiting the gun so that they can be used to aid in quicker follow up shots. We accomplished this by designing a port system that optimizes the available gasses without bringing about un-necessary turbulence/ concussive energy back to the shooter.

The result is an eloquent solution that; controls muzzle climb, helps improve split times on follow up shots, and kills excessive muzzle flash. The finest attention to detail was also paid to the material selection, coatings, and tolerances on these units to provide the best possible option for your recoil mitigation needs.

The RCB’s can also be pin/ welded to allow for a 16” OAL on barrels ranging from 13.7” and up. Check out the specs below and see why the Cobalt RCB is the solution that you have been waiting for.

The RCB-HX models are available in 1/2X28 tpi and 5/8X24 tpi. They will support any suppressor that uses a HUXWRX “QD” (quick disconnect) adapter.

Length: 2.325″

Weight: 4.288 oz

Material: 4140 Steel

Coating: Nitride

RC Hardness: 32-34 RC

Tread pitch: 1/2X28 tpi & 5/8X28 tpi

Calibers: 5.56 X 45mm (NATO) & .30 Cal

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in


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