C & H Precision Ultra Low Profile RMR Optics Adapter Plate for 2011 Pistols | Trijicon RMR/Holosun 407C, 407C V2, 507C, 507C V2, 508T | Stacatto STI


The Ultra Low 2011 Rear Sight Plate, created for STI® DUO™ pistols, will lower your RMR by .100″.  It will come with a Rear Sight.

You will require a new lower front sight.  We believe the correct sight height is between .190″ and .200″.  10-8 Performance currently has a .160″ tall front sight that will work, however, your backup iron zero will be slightly higher (between .75″ and  2″ at 10 yards depending on which pistol model you have)

Please contact 10-8 Performance for this new sight.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz

Trijicon RMR/SRO / Holosun 407c / 507c / 508T, Aimpoint ACRO, Leupold DPP, Holosun 509T


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