The VLTOR A5 Stock Combo Kit is not just an EMOD stock with M4 components; it was developed as a completely new operating system. Specifically developed on the request of the USMC, the A5 combo kit is considered to be the most innovative upgrade for the AR platform, increasing the reliability, accuracy and performance of any weapon.

Export Control:
Many of VLTOR’s products are export controlled by the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). Shipments from VLTOR may contain products controlled by the U.S. DoS or the U.S. DoC. Export of such items may not be done without prior approval from the U.S. Government and VLTOR.

  • Brings down cyclic rate of M4 carbines
  • Lowers bolt carrier velocity
  • Improves reliability and accuracy
  • Reduces felt recoil
  • Waterproof side battery compartments that holds 4 CR123 or three AA batteries in each compartment
  • Weatherproof compartment in the clubfoot area of the stock that hold two AA batteries
  • Comes pre-assembled with rubber buttpad and strike plate
  • Matte (anti-reflection/anti-glare) finish
  • Impact and temperature resistant polymer, specifically blended for VLTOR stocks
  • Has standard military and quick disconnect swivel socket accessible from both sides
  • Slightly wider and longer at the toe than a regular M4 stock with a noticeable negative pitch making transitions from the ready position feel more natural.
  • Seven position Mil-Spec impact extruded receiver extension specifically used for the A5 system
  • Kit includes: VLTOR A5H2 buffer weighing 5.3oz and rifle spring, seven position receiver extension, lock plate, lock nut and VLTOR EMOD stock
  • Weight: 1 lb 10.7 oz (complete kit and all mounting hardware)
  • LOP fully  collapsed: 11.50 inches
  • LOP fully extended: 16.25 inches
  • Space between the seven positions of the receiver extension: 0.650 inches Width: 2.50 inches (with storage compartments installed)
  • Height: 5.70 inches (with buttpad in

1. Do I have to use the VLTOR A5 spring and buffer with this system?

Yes. The A5 tube is physically longer than the normal M4 receiver extension and you must use a rifle length spring and the VLTOR A5 buffers.

2. What if I need a heavier or lighter buffer for my weapon?

The A5 kit was specifically developed to use different weight buffers depending on your need. There are 5 different weights to allow you to fine tune your weapon. The weights are: 3.8oz, 4.56oz, 5.3oz, 6.08oz, and 6.83oz. The A5 combo kit comes with the A5H2 buffer. While we sell different buffer weights, the A5 combo kit is only sent with the A5H2 buffer and we do not offer substitutions. You can purchase the different pieces to the A5 kit from our webstore.

3. Will the A5 system work on my .308 platform?

The A5 system is not compatible with the .308 platform.

4. What AR-15 platforms is the A5 compatible with?

The A5 system works with both direct impingement systems as well as piston driven systems.

5. What if I want to utilize the A5 system but use a different stock?

You can absolutely use a different stock on the A5 system. You would need to make sure that it is a Mil-Spec dimensioned stock. Please take note, most AR-15 type stocks will not collapse all the way down to the last position due to the A5 receiver extension being longer than a traditional M4 receiver extension. If you do want to use a different stock or the VLTOR IMOD stock with the A5 components and have your stock collapse all the way down, we do sell a different A5 extension that will allow this. It is the VLTOR RE-10/A5SR. It is a six position Mil-Spec A5 receiver extension. This receiver extension is slightly shorter to allow for the stock to collapse all the way down. You must use the A5 spring and buffer kit for this receiver extension.

Additional information

Weight 8.804448198989 oz
Dimensions 4 in

Black, Tan


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